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The agreement is structured to initiate cooperation between the two companies to work on strategies and introduce a range of courses as well as attracting students and interested parties to enrol in them, said a statement from Abu Dhabi Ports. To facilitate the achievement of this joint initiative and realise its goals, Abu Dhabi Ports and Jaheziya will work closely together and actively offer each other advice to maintain a smooth and practical partnership, it said. Following the signing, Al Shamisi said: Our strategic partnership with Jaheziya is in line with our organisations objectives to form strong productive collaborations with prime entities in the UAE. Jaheziya has rightfully established itself as a trusted and recognised centre of excellence, offering flexibility to meet all training needs. To ensure a seamless and sustainable success of this partnership, we will deliver all the maritime theory and practical courses, Paediatric First Aid Training and provide all necessary experienced teaching staff to facilitate these courses, he added. By applying the highest standards of maritime training to all its courses and programmes, Abu Dhabi Ports positions itself as an industry leader in providing excellence in maritime education and training, said a statement. Recognised and endorsed internationally, and delivered by accredited instructors, courses cover a wide range of vital maritime subjects, such as: Musaffah Channel Familiarisation Course, IMO Model Course 1.27 for ECDIS, IMO Model Course 1.07 for Radar/ARPA Operational Level, and the mandatory course for seafarers Human Element, Leadership and Management Course (HELM), mandated by the Manila amendment to STCW. Currently students from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Iraq and the UAE all receive training from Abu Dhabi Ports Maritime Training Centre. Jamal Mohamed Al Shamsi, managing director, Jaheziya, said: Our company is keen to be a partner with Abu Dhabi Ports in this venture to attract, engage and train students on theoretical and practical maritime courses. In order to achieve our common goal, Jaheziya will make all facilities available to Abu Dhabi Ports to enhance their training proposition and add value to the development of the students from a practical perspective. Jaheziya, a Tawazun owned company, provides technical, vocational and professional training and leads in the field of joint training between the various competent authorities in the management of emergencies, crises and disasters. It provides the necessary knowledge and support to contribute to the building and enhancing of the UAEs capacity to protect communities.

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