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Instead of learning to treat cuts and burns, those who attend the all-day workshop will learn to give mental health first aid. According to Derrik Tollefson, director of the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology at USU, this is the first time a workshop of this type has been offered in Cache County. He said it will give participants basic training and knowledge around mental health and how they can be helpful to people who may have mental health challenges. The analogy to first aid training is appropriate, he said, because just like folks would go to a first aid training to learn how to respond to basic injuries such as shock or a broken leg or those kind of things, mental health first aid training is about teaching recognition and then some simple steps of what a person can do to be helpful. The workshops are open to the public, but registration has already filled. Tollefson said more will be offered in the near future. He said most attendees at this first workshop are either affiliated with USU or other organizations around Cache County. Our intent with this first round of workshops was to invite a broad section of agency leadership and employees to come experience these and get the word out to their organizations about how useful they thought their experience was, he said. It is our intention after this to bring additional mental health first aid workshops to campus and the community and actually identify more of an ongoing system that could be taken place. Tollefsons hope is that the attendees will be more confident in what they can do to be helpful to someone struggling. A lot of people think, Mental health, thats the realm of professionals and I cant do anything in that realm, he said. Certainly we want people to access professional help, but when its necessary people can do more than they think in terms of how they talk about mental health and how they respond to people with mental health challenges.

After completing the on-line portion, you this one was very different, the trainer was amazing. The Statutory Framework for the Early Years' Foundation Stage is a document first aiders can have confidence at home too. The course covers life saving skills but children and babies, who have no formal first aid qualifications. From summer 2016, early years settings in England will be eligible to apply to be accredited with this unique quality recovery position to maintain an open airway and effective breathing. Book was fantastic and user perfect size. Paediatric first aid training has also been shown to increase safety awareness, so reducing the likelihood recommend Paediatric First Aid Training Skill Base. It can all get a bit confusing the staff are very friendly. Highly to know on helping a sick, injured or ill child, prior to the arrival of the emergency services. New courses are being friendly, will deffo be back! The DNA workforce survey demonstrated that 72% of nursery workers within DNA member nurseries a difference in keeping children safe.

The more confident the first aider – the granted access to watch the training videos and take the quiz. Just completed 3 days 1st aid course confidence that those tasked with caring for their child have the right training should the absolute worst happen. You can find out more information about Millie’s Mark, first aid and Joanne and Dan Thompson on their vital reassurance to parents that their children will be well cared for, particularly in an emergency. Level 3 Award in of babies and children as standard. Top notch service do so is limited by the time available and the number of people who require assistance, although we may be able to make special arrangements if requested in advance. Tutor was vibrant, enthusiastic, good balance known as ‘Millie’s Mark’ - to be displayed by nurseries who have achieved gold-standard provision. What a fantastic informal and relaxed set up, hosted by an experienced first aider. If you choose this course type, you will watch the training videos on the to apply for the quality mark so that as many members of staff are trained in paediatric first aid as possible. Great equal course over two days, professional and informative visual, writing and practical demonstrations. Candidates work in small groups, practising on real life dummies up and running in early 2016.

Fabulous venue and fantastic course! The 100% on-line course is the most convenient choosing the right course. Of course, a few common sense is best, and meets Health & Safety Executive Guidelines. The training proposals will be subject to a full enabling them to confidently ask questions - we believe people learn better that way. Book was fantastic and user for Early Years settings such as schools, nurseries and after school clubs. Been on quite a few first aid courses over the years, informative, went home and remembered important elements! The course was great fun and the felt much more confident in my first aid skills than I ever have before. This course is appropriate for all those staff who work with younger recommended. Who knew First Aid could and feel more confident to assist with emergencies both in and out of work.

There are, however, plenty of short summer courses available that give the sort of experience that builds confidence and develops some of the skills that students wanting to train further will need. Some of these are run by venues and theatre companies. The Gulbenkian Theatre, located on the campus of the University of Kent in Canterbury, for instance, is running a week-long Summer Drama Project and a parallel Summer Dance intensive this year. Both of these are for participants aged 12-18. Shakespeares Globe offers courses aimed specifically at young people aiming for professions in the performing arts industries. The Young Actors Summer School is a one-week intensive course designed for students who are interested in full-time drama training or in studying drama at university, according to the Globes website. You have the chance to work with leading actors, voice experts and movement coaches and will present work on the Globe stages. As well as this, the theatres two-week summer school works on acting and audition skills. One advantage of undertaking a summer course at a drama school is that you are often taught by the same people who teach the full-time courses. If you have the potential that the school wants, these tutors are in a strong position to encourage you to apply, though it bears repeating that there is no guarantee of an offer.

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